Purpose and Use Case
The contraect-maven-plugin simplifies interacting with smart contracts on the aeternity blockchain. It generates Java classes out of the sophia contract sourcecode which provide a convenient to deploy a contract on the chain or call a function. It also wraps the input and output objects of those function calls - no parsing is necessary.

Detail description

The plugin takes a contract written in sophia language
  • generates a Java class representing the contract and its methods
  • initialization of instance can be done using an existing contractId thus the methods of an already deployed contract are then alled
  • creates a method to deploy the contract
  • create method for every entrypoint
  • method will be executed using dryRun - which means it will not be committed and thus included in a block
  • if method is stateful - transaction will be committed and thus included in a block, it will be wait for confirmation
  • if method is payable - an additional parameter is available to set the amount to deposit
  • all input parameters are parsed to typed java classes (if possible)
  • also the result is parsed to java type (if possible)
  • in case of errors during dryRun call or committing the tx errors are raised with details from the node


  • Tuples of size > 10 are not supported and currently not planned. If there's an indiciation, that more is needed, we will get back to this.
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